Chamois vs. Hiking Towel … too exciting

Upon reading a couple blogs and posts, I found out that some experienced hikers use a chamois (shammy) cloth as their bath towel.   They only use a small amount to keep weight down.  Anyone who has used one knows that they lick up any water that they come into contact with and then dry out as soon as they are wrung.  So it makes sense for this to be my towel of choice… however, as I said – the portions are small. 

Another option I realized was out there recently is the hiking towel.  If you have worn modern surf trunks, then you know what the material feels like.  A buddy had one of these towels on a recent canoeing trip to Cedar Key.  Suddenly, I felt ashamed and inadequate with my little shammy cloth.  A quick trip to Bill Jackson’s cured me of my hiking towel impotence.  These light weight hiking towels come in many colors and sizes… so, of course, I wanted the towel that would cover all.  This towel is heavier than the chamois and I don’t know if it dries as well.  It advertises to be 90% dry upon wringing.  Sadly for my pack weight, I will probably indecisively wind up taking both with me.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I here those shamwows are amazing…..


    • I was listening to lex and terry when they said that they thought sham wow would be the only infomercial product they would possibly purchase. A few minutes later, someone called and said they sucked. they said just stick to a chamois.


  2. Posted by Michele on March 9, 2010 at 5:00 am

    so are you leaving really, REALLY soon? because i want to talk to you a bunch before you leave.


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